Emergency Medical Restraint (formerly known as RIQC-EMS)

Emergency Medical Restraint (formerly known as RIQC-EMS)
    Price: $24.95
    Code: RIEM-100
    Weight: 4.10 oz

    Use on aggressive, violent patients who require quick restraining in order to treat or transport.

    RIPP™ EMERGENCY MEDICAL Restraint is available in two models - RIEM-100 & RIEM-200. Both are made from 1" 700 LB polypropylene belting with a plastic D-ring permanently attached at one end.

    The RIEM-100 standard restraint is washable and can be used more than once, if needed.

    The RIEM-200 is a softer restraint which features Tricot padding along the inside (intended for one-time use, only).

    Packaged in sets of 2

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