Medical Restraint

Secure, Positive Restraints

RIPP™ Medical Restraints (RIMR-100 & 200) use an effectively designed, triple securing system – these restraints cannot be removed by a patient who does not have one hand totally free.

Lightweight, yet exceptionally strong, the RIPP™ Medical Restraints are made from 2" wide, 1400LB strength polypropylene webbed belting with hook & loop material. They feature detachable Tri-Lam pads for use on the ankles and wrists to protect patients from self-inflicted injuries.
RIPP™ Medical Restraint
RIPP™ Medical Restraint (RIMR-100) provides positive restraint for potentially violent patients. Secures firmly to bed & stretcher rails.
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RIPP™ Medical Restraint
The RIPP™ Medical Restraint (RIMR-200) has an added strap to allow limited movement for non-violent patients.
Price: $45.95
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Tricot Replacement Pads (Pack of 2)
RIPP™ MEDICAL RESTRAINTS and PATIENT RESTRAINTS feature removable Tricot pads for easy cleaning or replacement. Simply remove the existing pad and replace.
Fits RIMR-100, RIMR-200, RIMR-MRI, RIPR-200 & RIPR-300
Price: $27.95
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