About RIPP™ Restraints

Since 1987, RIPP™ has been designing and manufacturing restraining devices that are fast, strong, light-weight, user-friendly tools for the working professional. Whether you’re the officer-on-the-street or assigned to a specialty group-Emergency Response Teams, entry teams, SWAT- if you serve in corrections, fire and rescue, or in the medical arena, you’ll find these tools to be valuable aids in performing your job.

RIPP™ products are made of light-weight polypropylene belting of 700 to 1400 pound tensile strength, hook & loop closures, and a minimum of steel. These materials render restraints that are incredibly strong and economical to use. We feel certain that after you have had the opportunity to train and work with these tools, you will appreciate their strength and simplicity.

As my father, Bill DeVane Sr, did before with RIPP™ Restraints, Inc, at RIPP™ Restraints International Inc, we continue his efforts in developing new products and updates to our training programs, to protect you, your department and your patient/prisoner.

Joelle R. DeVane - President of
RIPP™ Restraints International Inc.
Bill DeVane, Sr. - Founder of
RIPP™ Restraints Inc.