Maximum Restraint Backboard System

The most inexpensive, practical, portable Maximum Restraint System Available Anywhere...

Super Strong! Your prisoner cannot escape or cause damage by thrashing around.

The RIPP™ Maximum Restraint Backboard System is a super strong restraining system created for use in intake or cell. A full, 6-foot long backboard, it is constructed of tough molded plastic – impervious to body fluid absorption and is easy to clean and sanitize. This system is lightweight (only 20 pounds) and can be stored efficiently – just stand it up – out of the way or in a closet.

The Maximum Restraint Back board System comes complete with:
   2 MR-100 Wrist Restraints
   4 Cross-Body Restraints
   1 Backstrap to secure upper arms (not shown)
   4 Corner "Tie-Down" straps to enable safe securing to a bunk (not shown)
Price: $552.95
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